Trial Board

Case NumberCase StyleCharge(s)VerdictJury SwornDate of Verdict
F12025361State v. BarrosoAgg Assault/Deadly WepNot Guilty04/23/201304/23/2013
M13029859State v. MendezBatteryNot Guilty10/09/201310/11/2013
M13031508State v. Paternina1. Battery
2. Battery
3. Battery
4. Battery
5. Resisting W/O Violence
M13041295 State v. Lanuza-HernandezBatteryNot Guilty12/11/201312/12/2013
M13026064 State v. Morffis1. Battery
2. Resist W/O Violence
3. Harass Vic/Wit
4. Viol of Ptr. Conds.
1. Hung Jury
2. Hung Jury
3. JOA
4. Guilty
M13037028State v. Galvez GonzalezHarassing Phone CallsHung Jury (dismissed on writ of prohibition after trial)03/13/201403/13/2014
M14001246State v. WilliamsBatteryHung Jury04/23/201404/24/2014
M13024871State v. BradleyBattery
B13026030State v. MooreBatteryNot Guilty06/17/201406/18/2014
M14015052State v. FigueroaBatteryGuilty07/02/201407/02/2014
M13024871State v. BradleyBattery
Mistrial(dismissed on writ of prohibition after trial)09/16/2014N/A
F14016966State v. Jimenez 1. Burglary of Occ Dwelling (PRRP, H.O.)
2. Petit Theft
1. Guilty to lesser, trespass
2. NG
F15002022State v. Stahl1. Resisting w/ violence
2. Disorderly Intox
1. Guilty to lesser, resisting without
2. Not guilty of disorderly
F15022134State v. DajuiBurglary of a Dwelling
Grand Theft (3d)
Mistrial before closing02/17/2016N/A (mistried 02/18)
F15015142State v. Agramonte1.Petit Theft
2.Controlled Subs Possn
3.Burglary of a Dwelling (PRRP, H.O.)
4.Grand theft Curtilage
5.Criminal Mischief
1.Not Guilty
2.Not Guilty
3.Not Guilty
F16002356State v. FreynosoGrand Theft 3d DegGuilty06/15/201606/16/2016
F16002598State v. Noriega1. Buglary of Occ Dwelling
2. Petit Theft
1. Guilty to lesser, trespass (m2)
2. Not Guilty
F15023322State v. IrizarryBattery on LEONot Guilty0714/201607/15/2016
F16001725State v. StanleyAggravated BatteryNot Guilty09/06/201609/08/2016
F16007538Stave v. MoralesAggravated BatteryNot Guilty10/04/201610/17/2016
F15024725State v. Legget1. Grand Theft 3d
2. Contracting Without a License
1. Guilty
2. Not Guilty
F15021629State v. Hudson Jr1. Attempted First Degree Murder w/ Firearm
2. Attempted Second Degree Murder w/ Firearm
1. Not Guilty
2. Guilty to lesser, Aggravated Battery
F16013012State v. Diaz-Fernandez1. Criminal Mischief (F3)
2. Criminal Mischief (F3)
3. Battery
4. Aggravated Battery
5. Aggravated Battery
1. Not Guilty
2. Guilty to lesser m2 criminal mischief
3. Not Guilty
4. Not Guilty
5. Not Guilty
F15008052State v. Young1. Aggravated Assault
2. Aggravated Battery
Dismissed after opening statements01/03/2017N/A KNP
F15015072State v. Smith1. Battery on LEONot Guilty01/25/201701/26/2017
F16009729State v. Zuniga1. Armed Burglary with assault
2. Armed robbery with a firearm
3. Grand theft of a firearm
1.Not Guilty
2.Not Guilty
3.Not Guilty
F16023877State v. Casado1. Battery
2. Robbery by Sudden Snatch
3. Assault
4. Battery
5. False Imprisonment
1.Not Guilty
2.Not Guilty
3.Not Guilty
4.Not Guilty
5.Not Guilty
F16025278State v. Braye1. Armed Robbery FA
2. Armed Robbery FA
F16025890State v. Suarez1. Burg Unocc Conveyance (GORT, H.O.)
2. Grand Theft (F3)
1.Not Guilty
2.Not Guilty
F16006899AState v. RozelTrafficking Oxycodone 7g-14gNot Guilty04/25/201704/27/2017
F16020713State v. Mena-Valdez1. Aggravated Battery
2. Aggravated Assault
1. Not Guilty
2. Not Guilty
F16019007State v. Beal1. Grand Theft Auto
2. Trespass
1. Guilty of Trespass(M2)
2. Dismissed
F14013938AState v. JacksonSecond Degree MurderNot Guilty06/21/201706/28/2017

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