Character Bazaar – Supplementing Your EVE Online Passive Income

Character BazaarIn EVE right now I make all of my income exclusively from station trading.  To do this I have one account which has a maxed trader character and a secondary character who is a scanning alt.  A while back my scanning alt finished training all the skills I needed, which leaves me with an account that is producing ISK but not doing anything useful training-wise.  Enter the character bazaar.

The Eve Online Character Bazaar

The EVE Online character bazaar is a forum where players can buy and sell characters.  It gives people with ISK the opportunity to get the character they want without having to spend the time skilling them up.  It also gives people who have spent the time skilling characters up the ability to make money from that time that they have spent.

Normally, to profit from the bazaar the amount spent in PLEX for the character you are selling, plus the transfer fee, has to be less than the amount of ISK others are willing to pay you for it.  The trick is to find what kind of characters people pay the most for and train that skill profile to maximize your income.  If you are a trader with an empty training queue that you are not using, however, you can discard the amount of PLEX you will have to pay to train the toon since this is the same amount that you would be paying anyway to keep your trader account trading.  In essence, any ISK that you make from selling your secondary character in this account will just be added profit for the enterprise.

What should you train, and what kinds of profits can you expect?

Minmatar pvp pilots are getting the most ISK these days.  Make sure that they are properly trained and focused.   You should not have industrial skills, or any other non-pvp skills in there as these skills will reduce your bottom line because players looking to pvp could care less about mining or invention.  A good example of what you can expect is 8-9B for this type of character which is being sold as a “Mach specialized” character.  The training time to build a character like that one is approximately 200 days with the right remap and +4 implants.  That leaves you a passive income of about 1B/month to add to your already multibillion per month trading profits.  The best part about it is that it is almost completely passive.  All you have to do is log in every couple of days to update the training queue.

Hope this post helps give you another idea to keep you rolling in ISK.

Try EVE Online for 21 days for free.

Try EVE Online for 21 days for free.

2 Responses to Character Bazaar – Supplementing Your EVE Online Passive Income

  1. currently in the long hold game.

    got her for 4 Bil at 15m SP, training into a tengu, possibly a paladin, cleaning up core skills

    got him for 6 Bil at20m SP, training him into corefittings IV with a mindlink in his head

    maybe 20 for both. very passive, 300% return over 1 year

  2. emist says:

    That’s not bad at all, and all it takes is a bit of patience and knowing what you’re doing. That’s my kind of ISK-making.

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