Sony Sued Over FFXIII-What Sony Really Thinks of Your Rights as a Consumer

Almost a year ago Mr. Daniel Wolf filed a class action suit against Sony and Square Enix due to Final Fantasy XIII allegedly bricking his PS3 along with others. The complaint, which states multiple violations of California consumer laws can be found here. A quick google search reveals multiple users that have had their consoles destroyed by the game and at this point it isn’t clear whether it is due to a defect in the PS3, a defect in FFX13, or both.

In its motion to dismiss defendant Sony admits the allegations that there are “100’s of complaints” but in a surprising twist claims that hundreds of people getting their consoles bricked is an insignificant amount compared to the millions of copies sold. I’m sure to Sony that sounds like a small price to pay but it doesn’t sit so well with the consumer who just had his shiny new toy destroyed and now needs to pay $250 to get it fixed. And besides, if hundreds of broken PS3s is “insignificant” to Sony then why does the multimedia giant refuse to repair the consoles free of charge? Sony’s stance however, might make legal sense since Mr. Wolf is trying to certify a class of all FFXIII buyers and not just the ones that have suffered actual damage from the game.

Sony’s second stance is one that will likely get some heads turning. In its motion to dismiss Sony claims something to the effect that the PS3 only has a 1 year warranty and whatever happens to it afterwards is not Sony’s concern. This stance means that those whose PS3 is over 1 year old should be at risk of having it damaged without any remedy even though it could very well be Sony’s fault that creates the damage. Sony’s motion was filed in March 2011 and it will certainly be some time before this controversy is resolved but this case is worth following as it will set the tone for what consumers’ rights are after the express warranty has expired when their products are damaged as a result of the manufacturer’s misconduct.


Motion to Dismiss

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