Goonswarm Harassment: Getting Kills In The Blue Doughnut

The quest against Goonswarm takes us to very deep areas of space. In Eve Online the area of space where players can exist is divided into three types.  These types are classified by the level of unwanted interaction between players that can exist without repercussions to the aggressing player.   High-sec, or high security space, is an area where players may only lawfully destroy each other if they have started a sanctioned war.  Low-sec, or low security space, is an area where players may shoot each other without warning but the aggressor will be shot by gate guns and will lose security status under most circumstances.  Then there’s nullsec, also known as 0.0.  In nullsec players can kill each other with impunity.  The only limit on an aggressor’s capacity to do damage in nullsec is presented by the other players residing there who are willing to fight back.

Goonswarm nullbears

Deep parts of nullsec, surrounded by a sea of blues (allied territories/allies) present a special kind of nullsec which pvpers fondly refer to as bearsec.  It is in these territories that non-pvp oriented players reside and conduct ISK making activities in relative safety.  This blog post series details the effect that a single neutral player can have on an entire alliance’s (Goonswarm) ISK-making operations in a system in bearsec by simply existing.  In this part I will detail my experience hunting unsuspecting farmers in bearsec territory.


Because of the kind of work that I do these days I do not have a lot of time to spend playing EVE.  While I would like to be able to spend hours hunting down other players and pvping, that probably won’t be happening any time soon.  So I decided to get into a Rapier and fly out to a system in deep Goonswarm territory to see whether I could have prey come to me whenever I am available to play.

The System

I chose E-FICO because it is Goonswarm territory, and goons are notorious for having a lot of carebear oriented players in their alliance.  It also had a full military sov index and an almost full industry index.  Goonswarm system

This means that players in that system are both ratting, as well as mining, which makes it a good place to hang around for someone like me.

The Journey

I was able to make it into E-FICO without too much of an issue.  I may have ran into a couple of small gate camps with a dictor and/or a ceptor or two but nothing major.  Once inside the system I proceeded to make a couple of safe-spots and investigate.  Initially, as it is customary in bearsec, the residents scattered upon seeing me entered local.  During the first day things were uneventful, everyone was docked up and the system was quiet.   I found a safe-spot, cloaked up, and left for work, leaving myself logged into the system while I was off working.

The Dilemma

By leaving myself logged into the system the residents would have no way of knowing whether I was active or not.  This creates three choices for them 1) abandon system and go somewhere else, 2) continue their activities unprotected risking that I may be active, or 3) continue their activities with a guarding fleet which will go unused if I am inactive or if I choose not to engage.  It turns out that when given these choices some players get lazy and choose option #2.  By doing so they leave themselves open to attack.

The Action

In one particularly careless day I dropped onto a mining fleet that appeared to be completely AFK.  To my surprise, it was not long before someone else tried to mine in the system while I was still in it.  And then again a couple of days later another player decided to mine in a T2 barge, while I was still in the system.  Eventually I got too careless and tried taking on a bait skiff which resulted in my death. But not before I had had my share of kills and fun while investing a minimal amount of time.  I have since returned to the system in a new Rapier to continue my activities.


AFK cloaking in bearsec is an effective way for people who do not have a lot of time to play the game to create content for others and get kills.  Although this activity has been condemned, and referred to as a broken game mechanic by those who want to feel safe in an area of space built for danger, it can be argued that this activity provides the only means for single players or small groups to have a meaningful disruptive impact on the operations of large alliances.  And while my opinion on the issue will not reduce the amount of tears about AFK cloaking, I hope it serves as a reminder to those who cry about it to HTFU.   This is EVE we are talking about here after all.

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Try EVE Online for 21 days for free.

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