Eve Wormhole – Staying Supplied Behind Enemy Lines

For the past months I have been living in CFC occupied nullsec territory.  The purpose of my deployment is to research and document the activities of nullbears who live deep inside the blue doughnut, as well as to develop nullsec logistic strategies for the maintenance of supply lines deep into enemy territory.  Today I’ll talk to you about how to maintain a supply line deep inside enemy territory with the help of an eve wormhole.logistics through an eve wormhole

My current exploration campaign brings me to Dekklein, Venal, Branch and Tenal. These areas of nullsec are isolated from high-sec not just by virtue of the distances involved but also due to the many hostile entities that line the routes from high-sec into these areas.   Some of these areas are so far from high-sec, that even a jump freighter at max skills would have to take multiple jumps to get there.   Because of how isolated these areas are from anywhere where I can dock and re-supply, I needed to figure out a way to make sure I could replenish my ammo, have mods to swap out if needed, and be able to get skill books/implants and anything else I would need during the months that I would be deployed there.

I decided to work around the problem in two ways.  First, I bought a ‘Wetu’ mobile depot and stashed it in an abandoned, station-less system.  With this mobile depot in system I would be able to refit my ship as needed for any opportunities that presented themselves during my campaign.  I would, however, still need to bring actual gear and supplies in somehow.  I toyed with the idea of bringing in a transport ship some forty jumps into hostile territory, it was after all, CFC space and their inhabitants tend to be very skittish and risk-adverse.  After giving it some thought I decided that it was probably best if I did not do that, however, with my luck I’d run into some roaming PVPers from NC. or some other parties that would actually engage a neut in CFC space.  It would also be very ineffective to do the eighty jump round trip every time I needed to resupply the transport.

So I turned to eve wormhole space.  In EVE there are thousands of eve wormholes leading to known space at any given time.  An eve wormhole can take you from the high-sec right into the deepest corner of nullsec in a matter of seconds.  Not only is eve wormhole travel quicker, it also tends to be safer.  It is less likely to find a camped wormhole than it is to run into a gate camp as you travel in null.

After deciding I would give WH routes a try, I moved my scanning alt/scout into the system where I had set up my mobile depot.   After scanning down the system I found one WH exit.  This WH would take me into a C3 and a WH in that C3 would take me 5 jumps away from Jita.  Now that I had mapped out this route I could easily move goods in and out of my area of deployment without much trouble.   However, because of the nature of wormholes I knew that I may not have a route available whenever I needed supplies so I decided to take it one step further and deploy a more permanent solution.

I brought in my industrial alt into the campaign in its Prorator.  The fit is as follows:

perfect eve wormhole shipIt is built for maneuverability and speed since I want to make sure the warps between wormholes happen as quickly as possible to minimize the chances of losing my cargo.  The rig slots are empty for now, but I will end up putting some hyperspatial velocity optimizers on it.  With the velocity optimizers the ship’s warp speed will go up to 10.6 AU/s, which is faster than a stock stiletto.  This will minimize the chances of being chased down by an inty.  The probe scanner is there just in case I lose the scout in wormhole space, or if I want/need to reposition myself without a scout.

This ship serves as my home away from home.  In it I carry torps, bombs, nanite paste, drones, AC rounds, skill books, and anything else that I may need while deployed in CFC space.   Without some sort of logistics it becomes impossible to stay deployed by yourself so deep into nullsec for any extended period of time.  Eventually you run out of rounds, bombs, paste, and drones.  The advantage of this setup is that it is cheap and convenient.  Also, because I am going through wormhole space I have the ability to bring my combat pilot back behind enemy lines with minimal effort if he happens to be killed.  Another advantage of having a transport ship deployed with you is that you can stockpile loot that you gain during your campaign and safely move it out through WH space.  Without this method the alternative would be to keep all loot with you, or do an eighty jump round trip every time that you get valuable loot.

That’s it for now, fly safe o7

Try EVE Online for 21 days for free.

Try EVE Online for 21 days for free.

One Response to Eve Wormhole – Staying Supplied Behind Enemy Lines

  1. lolwtf says:

    WoW. You just invented something that has been used by any resident of NPC nullsec, random nullsec roamers/gankers and even regular residents of sov-held null, FOR YEARS.

    For example, if you are so well informed, you can ask any resident in Venal – how many times have they found direct WH to hisec within few jumps of jita, and how many ships, supplies and other stuff have they brought in by this way?

    Also. Jump Freighter reaches P-VYVL in 2 or 3 jumps from Jita. P-VYVL is smaller hub in Venal, northernmost station system in Venal, 10 or so regular jumps from branch, tenal, which means it’s just 1-2 more JF jumps for the furthest points in North. Altho, JF logistics behind enemy lines is a littlebit, if not completely retarded fucking idea. But hey.

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