Eve Online – The Power of Neutral Presence

For the past three months in Eve Online I have been living in CFC occupied nullsec territory.  The purpose of my deployment is to research and document the activities of nullbears who live deep inside the blue doughnut, as well as to develop nullsec logistic strategies for the maintenance of supply lines deep into enemy territory. Today I’ll talk to you about my experience in eve online cloak camping a couple of CFC systems with a pilot in an NPC corp.afkcloaky1

At the start of my journey I set out to K5F-Z2 in Deklein.  I chose this system because it one of NPC kills in eve online in the last 24h.  I figured that because it is a dead-end system and it has so many NPC kills there, it would be a prime nullbear habitat.

K5F Before My Arrival

K5F Before My Arrival

It would also be prime nullbear habitat because of how deep into CFC space it is.  To get an idea of how long a trip it is to get in there take a look at the following eve online map image:

K5 Sov map

When I first got to K5 there were about 15-20 pilots in space all running anomalies.  Initially all pilots docked up and waited.  I think they expected that I was just a neutral passing by and would get bored soon enough.  After a few hours the number of pilots in the system started to decrease.  Presumably some logged off, while others fled to nearby systems.  This response was triggered just from my neutral presence in the system, and I did not have to aggres anyone to have that impact on the inhabitants of the system.

While this might seem counter-intuitive to newer EVE players, this response is to be expected because being a nullbear in eve online is all about being risk-adverse and isk/hr ratios.  Nullbears would rather flee than put up a protective fleet and continue their operations.  This is because the typical nullbear’s pvp skillset is limited to pressing F1 in a fleet of hundreds while orbiting an anchor.  Anything that requires an actual engagement where participants think for themselves and engage a target without being guided by an FC and without overwhelming numbers is not contemplated in the typical nullbear’s mind.

And so as the days went by K5 went from a buzzing bearfest to a desert.

K5F 1st day

K5F Day One

K5F 3rd day

K5F Day Three

As you can see NPC kill activity decreased by approximately 95% (from 6338 kills to 363 kills) just from having a neutral in the system.  At an average value of 500,000 ISK per NPC kill, the system was producing approximately 3,250,000,000 ISK (3.25B) per day.   Due to my neutral presence, that number was reduced to 181,500,000 ISK (181.5M).   This means that in this particular case as a single neutral in system I was able to reduce the system’s ISK production by 3,068,500,000 ISK (3.06B).

NPC Kills


ISK Generated (In Millions)

In conclusion, a neutral cloaky in system is a good way to shut down a nullsec system, specially if it is deep in bearsec territory.   While bears have the opportunity to move to other systems to avoid the neutral, a small corp of throwaway alts could shut down an entire region with this tactic.  This tactic of system interdiction has the potential of removing trillions of ISK from line members of nullbear coalitions while at the same time costing very few resources to maintain.

Try EVE Online for 21 days for free.

Try EVE Online for 21 days for free.

8 Responses to Eve Online – The Power of Neutral Presence

  1. zentrikz says:

    well good job. down with CFC

  2. Galerien says:

    Your analysis is wrong.
    It’s not because they can only fly drakes and press f1 when at range that they don’t take the risk to PvP, for several reasons.
    1. Their PvE ships are probably pimp.
    2. Their PvE ships are not in any way capable of PvP engagements.
    3. A cloaky in a 0.0 system can have a (covert)cyno and ratting can become a standoff with 30 bombers or even blackops, 5 km off of you, in a matter of seconds.
    4. They have a lot of systems…. and if you cloak camp for a week without showing yourself and killing a little fly every couple of days, you’ll be ignored

  3. yogizh says:

    Yeah you have completely ruined us. x)

  4. Jackson says:


    I’m a resident of K5F-Z2.

    As always there’s a few sides to all stories.
    *Have you done the graphs for all other systems? Because while you were around more rats where killed in our secondary systems.
    *”Nullbears would rather flee than put up a protective fleet and continue their operations.” – Yes, correct. I’d rather earn money somewhere else than waste my gametime waiting for an AFK camper. I would rather not setup a defensive fleet for a coward who would never consider a fight and makes maybe 1-2 moves every day. My time is worth more than that.
    *My Conclusion after reading this piile of rubbish is that you suggest we lower ourselves to the AFK camping standards and go camp all our enemies to lower their income… Doubt it’ll happen, I honestly couldn’t be assed as I’m making money somewhere, but thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Akuma says:

    As Jackson said, when this happens all the people ratting simply move next door to do the same thing. You are a minor inconvenience for a short time, then ignored until you actually show yourself as a threat.

    Meanwhile, as you can only have one character per account logged in, you are paying for an active account that is sitting AFK in space:
    – NOT making any ISK
    – NOT making a reputation through exploding other people’s pixels
    – consuming power and bandwidth that you are (possibly) paying for with real money.

    Meanwhile, I’m next door still making a part of those trillions of ISK doing my thing….

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