Ehrhardt’s Florida Evidence


Ehrhardt’s Florida Evidence is the evidence book that teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about the Florida evidence code, and then some.

With clear and concise language, this book carefully guides you through the Florida evidence code, breaking down important and complicated sections into subsections for easy understanding of the material. Particularly useful are the book’s numerous parenthetical citations on the bottom half of every page. Not only does the author do a fantastic job of explaining each section of the Florida evidence code, but by making references to the applicable caselaw, the reader is able to follow up on any doubts that remain.

Ehrhardt’s Florida Evidence dedicates over 260 pages to hearsay, making it one of the most complete sources on the subject. As expected, the book focuses on the technical aspects of the rule as applied in Florida caselaw, and is replete with applicable caselaw throughout this entire chapter. If you’re like me and find the many challenges embedded in the hearsay rule and its many exceptions exciting, Ehrhardt’s Florida Evidence is the right book for you.

Something I found particularly useful is the book’s chapter on authentication of documents. In it the author covers the many different permissible ways of having a document authenticated, when a document is self-authenticating, and when no authentication is required. Ehrhardt’s Florida Evidence is certainly a valuable source to keep handy when figuring out whether a document needs to be authenticated, and if so whether the witness or method you have in mind can get it done.

With 1082 pages of solid, on point knowledge, and an appended full copy of the Florida Evidence Code, Ehrhardt’s Florida Evidence deserves a 10/10. I only wish I had gotten my hands on this wonderful resource months ago.

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