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For the past three months I have been living in CFC occupied nullsec territory as a cloaky camper.  The purpose of my deployment is to research and document the activities of nullbears who live deep inside the blue doughnut, as well as to develop nullsec logistic strategies for the maintenance of supply lines deep into enemy territory.  This is the second part of the Power Of Neutral Presence series, the first can be found here. Today I’ll talk to you about my experience cloaky camping a CFC mining system with a pilot in an NPC corp.

cloaky camper

For this journey I wanted to explore the effects that a cloaky camper neutral presence would have on the inhabitants of a system with a high industrial sov score.  The industry sov score is raised exclusively through mining.   Getting a system to five in the industry sov score takes approximately 246.22 man hours of mining.  (See Bloodtear Industry Report v3, page 2).  This means that by the time you get to a industry five system someone has already put in a significant amount of effort to get it to that level.

I chose E-FIC0 for this experiment because it had a sov score of 5 at the time, it is in a dead-end pocket, and it is buried deep in CFC bearspace.  To get an idea of just how far E-FIC0 is from the rest of the world take a look at this map:

cloaky camper zone

When I first got my cloaky camper E-FIC0 its sov score was 5, and there was an active mining fleet of about 15 guys.  Originally I forgot to screenshot the sov number, but I was able to grab one a few days into this experiment.

e-fico soon after cloaky camper presence

E-FIC0 a few days after arrival

As you can see, the industry sov index was still quite high, as some people continued to mine with me in the system initially.  It appears that because of the amount of work that goes into raising this sov index, nullbears tend to initially resist a full evacuation until shown that the danger is real.   It was only after I caught a couple of retrievers and a mackinaw that the nullbears decided it would be best to move elsewhere.  It is worth noting that, like with anything else in EVE, the citizens of this particular system could have chosen to stay and continue their operations and fend off any possible attackers.  Instead, however, they took the risk-adverse route of evacuating the system and giving up on their 246+ man hour investment.

EFI0 After cloaky camper presence

E-FIC0 During the conclusion of the campaign

According to the Bloodtear Industry Report V3, page 23, minimally maintaining an industry sov 5 system yields 15.07B every four days, or approximately 3.76B per day.  This means that the presence of a single neutral in this particular system decreased its ISK production from mining by at least 3.76B per day.   Furthermore, since it takes time, and effort to increase a system’s industry sov score, the presence of a single neutral caused line member resources to be diverted to increasing industry sov in other systems.  If you couple that with the fact that low industry sov systems produce less belts until they increase in level,  this means that just getting a single neutral into a mining system creates a permanent decrease of resources for the line members of that system who go elsewhere.

Try EVE Online for 21 days for free.

Try EVE Online for 21 days for free.

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  1. Billy Bob says:

    You underestimate just how much space the CFC has.

    One system gets camped, the miners move to another fully upgraded system and make the same exact isk.

    The only way you’d have a real impact is if you camped one system until it’s index dropped. Then another… then another… until there are no full industry systems left.

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