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Staying Safe With Civian’s RedGuard

The other day after I was finally able to look at Crucible and the state of Eryan, I quickly found myself fingerprint banned by the folks at CCP.  Apparently Eryan had a dormant memory corruption issue that, for one reason or another as is usually the case with this things, got triggered by the new patch.  I had just installed this new vm too and had just finished setting all the shiny development tools as well.  So after spending some 5 hours on setup, giving up and re-installing everything again was not going to be an option.

Enter Civian’s RedGuard, a nifty little utility that allows you to masquerade your Eve fingerprint so that you may safely blend among the citizens of New Eden.

Playing Hide and Seek, New Eden Style

[Note] This article first appeared on evenews24 on early November 2011.  It has then been removed from that site. [/Note]

Playing Hide and Seek, New Eden Style

Almost two decades ago Phrack Magazine published an article titled “Playing Hide And Seek, Unix Style.” The purpose of the article being not to encourage hacking into systems, but rather to share information and enlighten the masses. Just as it was incumbent upon Phrack to enlighten those who might run afoul of the system, it is incumbent upon me as a responsible member of New Eden to inform those of you who might have run afoul of the Eve power structure on how to stay reasonably safe.

Eve Online Bot – A Botting Primer

[Note] This article regarding the topic of an eve online bot first appeared on evenews24 in late October, 2011.  It has since been removed from there. [/Note]

eve online bot

0. Preamble

Eve botting has been all the rage lately on evenews24. From articles about anti-botting crusades, to articles showing you “the human face” of botting, you’ve seen it all by now.

Or have you?

Ever wondered what an eve online bot is at the technical level? Ever wonder why people would code an eve online bot, how they bot, or why they bot? And most importantly, ever wonder why people code bots? I’m about to lay it all out for you in this series.