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Encounter Surveillance System Theft – EVE

For the past months I have been living in CFC occupied nullsec territory earning my ISK scavenging from eve encounter surveillance systems.  The purpose of my deployment is to research and document the activities of nullbears who live deep inside the blue doughnut, as well as to develop nullsec logistic strategies for the maintenance of supply lines deep into enemy territory.  This is the fourth part of the Bearsec Prophecies series, the first can be found here. Today I’ll talk to you about how to many money off the effort of the nullbears that live in the blue doughnut and teach you how to steal from an encounter surveillance system.

Encounter Surveillance System

Vmware and Diablo 3-Don’t be stupid like me!

So I got Diablo 3 a couple of days ago to start helping develop a bot called D3Adventures.

For all my I run linux, there’s just something about windows I can’t stand. But I heard of people getting banned for running d3 under wine, and since I would like to limit all the variables I can when it comes to getting banned I decided to run d3 on under vmware.

As soon as the installer came up I would receive a “Below Minimum Specifications” message and the installer would get stuck at 0%. My current setup has 2 quad core xeons clocked at 2.33ghz, 16gigs of RAM and a decent video card, so I knew something must have been wrong. Diablo 3 definitely can run on this.

After days of searching and trying different fixes for different problems with the installer that also manifest themselves as “stuck at 0%,” I was just about ready to call it in. I don’t even want to play this game to begin with, I just want to code for it!

And then I realized it……..I had my vm setup to only 1 core for the processor. So D3 was seeing my computer as a single core pentium clocking at 2.33ghz. After changing that to 4 cores the installer proceeded to move past the frustrating 0% and everyone lived happily ever after.

Moral of the story-Sometimes the issue is simple. Start at the bottom before you start to complicate your life.

Why a Trenchcoat Can Be Suspicious, But a Hoodie Cannot-Do Minorities Have Too Much Influence On American Culture?

Over the past couple of days there has been a lot of outrage over the tragic death of Trayvon Martin that happened at the hands of a Hispanic man by the name of George Zimmerman.  More recently, however, there has been quite a controversy about whether wearing a hoodie should be considered suspicious, and whether there are racial connotations that go along with considering a black man “suspicious” because he is wearing one.

Being a minority, I can’t help but wonder why the outrage? Why aren’t we outraged when schools ban trenchcoats in mainly white schools because people think that white boys wearing trenchcoats are going to “Columbine” somebody? You may say, well, in the Columbine case the killers were wearing trenchcoats while in this case it was the victim that was wearing the hoodie.  And that would be a very valid point, however, what about all the crime committed by people wearing hoodies?  Why isn’t a piece of clothing that is usually employed by criminals to conceal their identities in the commission of a crime not valid grounds for at least a shadow of suspicion?  Don’t get me wrong, I myself used to sport a few Linkin Park, Slipknot, and POD hoodies back in high school.  I am by no means saying everyone that wears a hoodie is a criminal.   The question I am posing is: Why can’t an article of clothing that has a known use as a criminal instrument by some, be valid grounds for a heightened suspicion of someone?

To put it a different way: When we see a ban on trenchcoats in mainly white schools because they _can_ be used to conceal weapons as in Columbine, we don’t think twice about it.   But when we entertain the idea that someone walking in the middle of the night wearing a hoodie _could_ be attempting to conceal his or her identity, suddenly it doesn’t sound quite as right.

Why exactly this is the current situation in our country, I have no idea.  Perhaps in our zeal to avoid discrimination and stereotyping we have created a culture of hypersensitivity.   Maybe we’re just too sensitive these days because of what we consider past and present injustices against our races, ethnicities, peoples, or however we choose to associate. Whether this hypersensitivity is warranted is a question that is up for debate, and I don’t presume to bring the answers.  My goal is only to put forth the questions and hopefully give us another angle to reflect upon.

Shiptroduction-The Bestscorp


I logged in to Eve Online today to find this strange concoctions in my client.

A Bestscorp seen from the top

Finally something I can use to transport my valuable cargo.  Not only does it have tons of cargo space but also can sport 6 ECM mods to keep those pesky tacklers at bay!  And at 300 m/s, its got to be one of the speediest industrials around.

A Bestcorp seen from the side

Yahoo Answers – Best Answers

Sometimes you come across a yahoo answer that is so incredibly epic that it deserves its own blog post…this is one of those times:

Compiler Protection


Clearly Mr. Neil knows exactly what he is talking about.



The Journey To Pro

The Journey

“Every mind was made for growth, for knowledge, and its nature is sinned against when it is doomed to ignorance.” – William Ellery Channing

In every pursuit worth taking there is a learning curve, a time and place where there is a gap between what we know and what we wish to know.  An ominous mountain standing in the way of those intellectual riches we wish to posses.  The moment we decide the leap is worth taking, that instant when the overwhelmingly many subconscious opportunity cost calculations all lead to a single, unequivocal, GO.  It is then and only then that we have embarked on the journey, the journey to pro.

This blog is about that journey, its about knowledge, about trying, about success, and failure too.  This blog is about sharing with others everything I know about everything I know.  No knowledge is worth having if it is to be kept to oneself.

I will post pieces about botting, coding, the law as it relates to any of those, and everything in between.  As time allows I will also post video tutorials showing you how to do things that many people would rather you not know how to do.  I have grown tired of the secrecy surrounding many things, botting primarily.  Its time for a change.