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Eryan User Scripting-Understanding The Scriptable Interface


The Eryan2 scripting interface was designed to be very straightforward and easy to use.  The goal was to allow people with minimal programming experience to be able to put together scripts and interact with the Eve Online environment.

In order to create scripts for E2, you must understand the Scriptable interface, located in the Eryan.Script namespace.  Scriptable has only three methods for the script writer to worry about.  They are Boolean onStart(), Boolean onFinish() and int run().  onStart() is called only once in the life-cycle of an E2 script.  It is here that you perform any GUI initialization or anything else you only need to do once.  onFinish() is also only called once and it is a place to do cleanup if any is needed.

The run method is where the magic happens, E2 calls this method once every x interval of time in milliseconds.  Here is where your script’s logic goes.  Coincidentally the integer value returned by run is the value that E2 is going to delay calling run again for that script.

Available Objects

There are quite a few objects available to the script writer in order to interact with the Eve Online client through E2.  The full list can be found in this forum post, but if you need to do something in E2 you can probably find the method to do it inside of MyShip or EMenuHandler.  As the name suggests MyShip handles your ship inside Eve Online.  By calling its methods you can have your ship stop, warp, speed up, target, and take many other actions.  EMenuHandler handles the menu actions, with it you can jump through gates, dock, bookmark, etc.  Every input/output handler exported to the script will have an “E” at the beginning of its name so keep that in mind. Finally, the other handler that you might need to use is EOverViewHandler.  As the name suggests it allows you to interact with the ship’s overview and access the valuable information it possesses 😉

Thats it for now, happy scripting!

Happy New Year, A New Year For Eryan 2

Sup dudes and dudettes,

Here is to wishing you all a happy new year and hoping that 2012 brings you great things. Its been 5 months since I opened up Eryan 2 to a handful of guys in publicdemands. At the time, Eryan 2 barely loaded and was almost nothing more than a uglified Eve window. Since then, the framework has come a long way. This progress is owed in part to those 200 of you or so that volunteered your time and effort in order to test it and report its many bugs, and also to outstanding guys like Danny, Mj, and EveCodeJunkie who contributed code to the platform. I also can’t forget to mention wibit, who perhaps unwillingly became my consultant of sorts in moments when really strange things have happened in the Eve client. This progress is also owed to BSmith01, RedFang, alinayg, Chronox and JulFoi, who donated their hard earned cash so that I wouldn’t have to spend mine in order to buy ISK, ships, skills and anything else that I needed during the endless hours spent developing this thing.

Today marks the end of an era, the time when Eryan 2 leaves the closed beta stages and enters the world of open beta. Not only that, but I am happy to announce that I am releasing the totality of the code for the framework. I hope that my code serves to inspire, teach, motive, or if all else fails, provide a good laugh to future would be bot-developers and coders. The Eryan repository can be found here. From now on we will have a stable branch and a development branch, anyone wishing to contribute code to the project can clone it and issue pull requests that will be reviewed and accepted if everything checks out.

I have received mails from some that would rather have me not release the code. That releasing the source brings with it undue attention from CCP, that it would piss off the legit bears, that it would attract unnecessary publicity, and increase cancer incidence in developing countries. To this I say that no tool is worth developing and no code is worth writing if it cannot be shared with those would have a thirst for knowledge. At the end of the day this is, after all, a game we are playing, and if the things we do in relation to this game cannot have a farther impact in our lives than to earn us pixels on a screen then we, as a community, really need to reconsider what it is we are trying to accomplish.

For the users that will be trying the framework for the first time, I recommend you play it safe by connecting your botting account through a vpn. Not only will you be safer in doing so, but by using StrongVPN you will also be supporting the Eryan project.

May you all have a happy new year, and I hope you enjoy what Eryan has to offer in the upcoming 2012.