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Clandestine Group Development With Tor’s Hidden Service Protocol


Sometimes you have a great software project you want to work on for the benefit of the community. It is so great in fact, that engaging in development is outright illegal, and the company who’s patents you are infringing upon is not afraid to come after you with a lawsuit. So you are left with a very hot programming endeavour, and the need to have a cooperative effort with others in the community to make it happen within a short period of time.

This is exactly what Tor’s Hidden Service Protocol was created for! I kid…it was created for worthy goals like promoting free speech and political dissent in oppressive regimes, but its all the same for our goals.

The Four Canons of Relatively Safe Bot Design

So you’ve decided to write a bot for your favorite MMO.  You figured out what technologies you will be using and how you will interface with the game and all that’s left is to get to hacking.  So you grab yourself a couple of bottles of your favorite beer and go at it!

Not so fast big boy.  Do you have a game-plan?  Without a game plan you’ll likely spend a lot of time and effort to develop something that will get detected and banned, leaving you to pick up the pieces.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t take much to pick up a strategy to minimize your risks.  In this post I will share with you what I’d like to call the Four Canons of Relatively Safe Bot Design(tm).

Eve Online Python Bot Development And The Python Embedding API

Eve Online Python Bot Prologue

For a programmer beginning a project usually the first thing is figuring out how he is going to go about doing what needs to be done.  What technology is out there, what approaches can I take to get this or that needed functionality implemented, is this even possible?  These questions are pretty common and their importance can’t be overlooked-many projects die before they even begin at this stage. Here I’ll teach you everything you need to know to code an eve online python bot.

When designing an injected bot for Eve Online, the hardest issue to tackle is how to get the information you need into and out of the client.  Enter the injected DLL and the Python Embedding API.  If you ever wondered whats inside those DLLs, you’re about to find out.eve online python