“Every mind was made for growth, for knowledge, and its nature is sinned against when it is doomed to ignorance.” – William Ellery Channing

In every pursuit worth taking there is a learning curve, a time and place where there is a gap between what we know and what we wish to know. An ominous mountain standing in the way of those intellectual riches we wish to posses. The moment we decide the leap is worth taking, that instant when the overwhelmingly many subconscious opportunity cost calculations all lead to a single, unequivocal, GO. It is then and only then that we have embarked on the journey, the journey to pro.

This blog is about that journey, its about knowledge, about trying, about success, and failure too. This blog is about sharing with others everything I know about everything I know. No knowledge is worth having if it is to be kept to oneself.

I will post pieces about botting, reverse engineering, hacking, coding, the law as it relates to any of those, and everything in between. As time allows I will also post video tutorials showing you how to do things that many people would rather you not know how to do. I have grown tired of the secrecy surrounding many things, botting primarily. Its time for a change.


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  1. Leland J says:

    Hey there.. i came in to your blog following a recommendation on the ownedcore forums about decent, current, eve-online bots.

    I’m looking to begin a personal project with one or two other programmers to tap into eve-online and develop an advanced eve-online bot. Want to eventually focus on making a superb AI.

    I was hoping that you were still active and could give some general recommendations for me and my friend regarding where to start with bot creation for eve-online… would working with eryanBot be a good way to start? Perhaps another bot that already has some open source code used as a platform to jump off from? Or… just starting from scratch?

    I’m also wondering what programming language you think writing a bot under would be decent.. would C# be fine?

    Interested to hear your thoughts.. hope you have a good one.

    • emist says:

      I wouldn’t know what to tell you. I have not looked at EVE in years now and really have no idea how much it has changed. You’re probably better off asking people who are still playing and writing bots for the game.

  2. LeftBlindEye says:

    Hey Emist, did you ever convert your logger to directx 11?

    • emist says:

      No, I do not have a rig at the moment that can run any DX11 games. I’m going to be upgrading soon and then I will resume that project.

      • fs1 says:

        Hi Emist,
        Following your work, very detailed work.
        I am testing your approach on reversing the D3D buffer, but I don’t get results when do a world to screen on the vertices retrieve. Does the Vector array contains all primitive coordinates prior to the call?

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