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Pirate101 – Getting The Game Models

D3DTextureLoggerClient is a program that eases getting primitives for Direct3D games.  With this utility you can get your favorite Pirate101 models out of the game.  You can then use the output from the logger to re-create the game figures in your favorite projects.   For ideas on how to use the models you get out of Pirate101 see this.  The current source can be found here. Binary build as of 07_06_2013 can be found here.

Values of the selected primitive are displayed in the form. Hitting “Save Primitive” saves a screenshot of the selected geometry to an Output folder in the executable directory. The “Forward” and “Backward” buttons traverse the geometry list currently in memory. “Reset Prims” clears the geometry list. This is good for when you just got out of a scene where a lot of stuff was rendered and now you are looking for a geometry in a scene with much less geometries being rendered. Or just if you have been looking for geometry for a while it is a good idea to clear it as it might have stale geometry that are just wasting your time.  “Add to Chams” clears the z-buffer on that geometry and applies a pixelshader to it so it stands out.  “Toggle Display” makes the geometry not be rendered by skipping the draw call to that geometry.  “Rip Model” dumps the geometry’s vertex and index data to a file in bin\Output\ExeName\modelX.obj.\

Selected Pirate101 jacket clothing primitive

Selected Pirate101 jacket clothing primitive

If you get errors about assemblies not being strong named, you need to add “..\StrongName.snk” in the linker options for the VtableLookup project.  If problem persists follow this link. There are no other commonly known error messages for the tool at this time.