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Goonswarm Harassment: Getting Kills In The Blue Doughnut

The quest against Goonswarm takes us to very deep areas of space. In Eve Online the area of space where players can exist is divided into three types.  These types are classified by the level of unwanted interaction between players that can exist without repercussions to the aggressing player.   High-sec, or high security space, is an area where players may only lawfully destroy each other if they have started a sanctioned war.  Low-sec, or low security space, is an area where players may shoot each other without warning but the aggressor will be shot by gate guns and will lose security status under most circumstances.  Then there’s nullsec, also known as 0.0.  In nullsec players can kill each other with impunity.  The only limit on an aggressor’s capacity to do damage in nullsec is presented by the other players residing there who are willing to fight back.

Goonswarm nullbears

Deep parts of nullsec, surrounded by a sea of blues (allied territories/allies) present a special kind of nullsec which pvpers fondly refer to as bearsec.  It is in these territories that non-pvp oriented players reside and conduct ISK making activities in relative safety.  This blog post series details the effect that a single neutral player can have on an entire alliance’s (Goonswarm) ISK-making operations in a system in bearsec by simply existing.  In this part I will detail my experience hunting unsuspecting farmers in bearsec territory.