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Solo PVP in New Eden – Feels good to be back








Back when I left the game back in 2011-12, the idea that solo PVP was dying had already started to take shape.  Coming back to New Eden three to four years later I expected that I would not find any fights on even odds or anywhere close to it.  I was wrong.

Two days ago I bought six or seven Ruptures and fitted them for some brawling action.  The reason for choosing the Rupture is simple-I can’t fly anything else except a Loki, and I’m not quite ready to start throwing Lokis away just yet.  My fit is as follows:


Not the greatest fit in the world, but I thought it could get the job done.  Its buffer is paper thin, but with crystals and heat it can tank about 755dps (933dps with strong blue pill) for the 30 seconds or so that the XALSB runs for before it runs out of cap boosters.

I took a couple of these bad boys down to the Tama area looking for anyone who would be willing to engage a 6 month old toon.  And it didn’t take long:

Not bad considering solo PVP is supposed to be dead.

But then…I got blobbed:


At the end of the day getting blobbed was my fault.  I got too complacent and was trying to bait a couple of the ceptors from the blob to engage me.  I should have made a decision instead of waiting around for so long.  Lost my pod too in the process.  It is going to take some time to get the rust off.

Fly safe!

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Try EVE Online for 21 days for free.